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Just Starting Out!

So, my ever so wonderful sister has provided me with my own space to use for the purpose of displaying my art, or my writings and more. Since I am just starting out this is going to be a rather short little comment but I am sure plenty more will follow. Here I can feel safe expressing my various views on many things. I can blog about gaming or art or how fickle my muse can be some days. I can post about things happening in the world of my own weird observations. I can talk about my closet monster (Yes, I do actually have one. He’s been with me since I was a very small child.) or complain about the weather which I currently hate right now. 106 is simply TOO flipping HOT!

My adorable big sister has ensured I can feel safe here, which is something I really appreciate so I am going to consider this my own little slice of the internet. More blogs to come!

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