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My Halloween Contest Image

So, earlier this month I decided to try my hand at the Halloween contest over at Renderosity. I have to say the theme (“Unhappily Ever After”) was amusing and I did enjoy crafting my image for it. The competition was fierce as there was some really wicked images submitted.

This morning I was up earlier then usual and went to check my mail and FB, as I have friends up north in NY and NJ and was hoping to hear from them, and found the results for the contest in my mail. Well, my jaw dropped and I had to force myself to stay quiet and not wake my roommates. I was floored!

Alas I didn’t win. Instead I came in third. I really can’t complain either as the winning image was ghoulishly cool and fit the theme perfectly. Sure I would have liked to get my hands on the latest version of poser, but Painter 12 looks to be a very fun program. (There is still the next contest! I shall simply try again!)

All and all, it was an honor to make it as far as I did considering all the other great, efforts from other wonderful artists. I offer my most sincere congratulations to all the winners!

Anyway, here is my submission for the contest. I call it “Witches Betrayal”.

Thanks for looking!
Gen AKA Tallameia

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