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Text Messages is NOT Storytelling

This is going to be a really short post for me. No long book to read but a simple statement of how I regard the abuse of Text Messages in role play.

Start of Rant!

Quill from Daily

If you are actually role playing in the real world via your phone, that is all well and fine, but for the LOVE of all that is good and lovely in this world, DON’T post it up in the text message format on your story board.

DO NOT assume that you are the “BEST writer Evah!” Or that you have the “BEST Stories, since the dawn of storytelling” IF all you have to show for this claim is a string of “Text Messaging” Posts that read something along the lines of this:

“Text to Jacked in Jerk: U goin’ out 2night?” Answer: “Nah, can’t. Have 2 c about gettin babi boots.” followed with another long endless flow of of inane foolishness that few if any really care to read. Or it’s some vulgar display of to MUCH information that NO One needs to see. Trust me, this does NOT make you or your play group


Bookcover for: Textionary The Texting Dictionary by C. L. Hogan

look like geniuses of the written word. Not even close.

People, Seriously??? Do you not get enough of Texting in the real world? Do you really feel a need to bring it into your fantasy life? Look, I understand that some use this as a means of keeping their boards on Dragonsmark alive and active, but you can’t really think that others are going to want to read it.

For a TEXT Based site that is built upon the idea of creative writing, I can’t fathom why so many are falling into this vapid trend. It does not tell a story in a manner that makes any sense to me. Even those they might be involved may not care to spend their limited time hunting through a wall of asinine text to find their characters name with some stupid, insipid, short cut style writing about a party, event, bathroom business or date etc. There are literally some groups that this is ALL They do and honestly? IT IS NOT ROLE PLAYING!

Where is the fantasy in RhyDin these days anyway? Ah, but that is a something I shall have to nerd rage about another time.

End of Rant.

Thank you for reading! Now for the usual addendums:

1.) All examples here are fictional, as in created from my own twisted brain but are based upon real styles of play. I also feel a need to add here that the ENTIRE post, thread et-all, is nothing but Text Messages, not a story with one or two text messages added.

2.)If you don’t like what I have to say here, that’s fine, don’t read it. Please, do not attack me, as I will not reply and you may find a hard “Ignore” in your future. You see this is my own POV and I have every right to state it. My Blog after all!

3.) And what is up with all the ART THIEVES these days? Dragonsmark is loaded with several stealing images from Deviant and Google. Sheesh.

Oh and Lastly: My Disclaimer: I do not hate Text Messaging in general, I just do not think they should be abused on Dragonsmark with the erroneous assumption that posting in that manner is WRITING. It’s NOT.

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