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Sympatico Studio and Me

A few weeks ago I was invited to join several other amazing artists doing promotional work for several equally wonderful 3D content providers. I am still figuring it all out presently and it is keeping me busy but also has me enjoying a state of creative energy. I strive to be as good as the other artists involved and I can only say the company I have been lucky enough to join is a delight. They push me towards getting better and for that alone I am so very grateful.…

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The World of FFRP and Art Credits Revisited, AGAIN!

The artist belongs to his work, not the work to the artist.


That pesky trend or perhaps lazy behavior is as always returning from my recent perusal of the newest profiles over on Dragonsmark’s Red Dragon Inn. No one should be surprised by my posting about this as it is well known I am a strong advocate for giving artists credit if you use their work. It irks me to no end to see folks failing to do that. If the image is good enough to use for YOUR…

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Trifling With Time

My sister is interested in the Steampunk genre and it was because of her I decided to try my hand at crafting an image. I find this style of art interesting, and it was some of the amazing pictures she shared on her Facebook which inspired me. So, once the idea popped into my head I had to create it and this is what I came up with.

Thanks for looking!

Desktop Image

Darkest Magics

I created this for one of my best friends role-playing characters, his name is Daugolozan and the look here is his usual human glamor which he dons while out and about. The illusion he wears hides that he is actually a Dracoliche. Needless to say he isn’t the nicest of beings but he is most certainly interesting.

I had to do a bit more post work on this one to get it to look the way I saw in my head, but I am pretty pleased with the results!

Dancing With The Dead

I was first inspired by the song “Dancing with the Dead” by 10 Years. Then in the process of creating I decided to add a touch of home to it. I grew up in New Orleans which is inspiration all on it’s own.

“Take me all the way to the end Show me how you want it to end Keep dancing with the dead(With the dead) Go ahead”

Thanks for looking!

Scarlet Faery

Had a brief dry spell but brief is the right word for it as I have several other images now cluttering up inside my head. Going to have work them out.

This image is what I call muse inspired, meaning that it just popped into my head and I went with it.

Not all of the fae are light after all so here is my newest addition. A dark faery who I have named Scarlet.

Thanks for looking!

My Halloween Contest Image

So, earlier this month I decided to try my hand at the Halloween contest over at Renderosity. I have to say the theme (“Unhappily Ever After”) was amusing and I did enjoy crafting my image for it. The competition was fierce as there was some really wicked images submitted.

This morning I was up earlier then usual and went to check my mail and FB, as I have friends up north in NY and NJ and was hoping to hear from them, and found the results for the…

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Fairy Harmony

Dealing with some physical issues that sent the muse into hiding but I am slowly working it all out. Anyway, this is one of my latest endeavors. I did another one for a Halloween Contest, but can’t post it up just yet, will do that after the contest is done. Yes, it’s another fairy, and this one is relaxing after playing her lute.

Thanks for looking!


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