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Mists of Deception

This is my latest image for Isabella Avaron Dawnshadow. She is a noble dark fae within the Unseelie Courts of Mab.

Thanks for looking!

Close up!

The World of FFRP and Art Credits Revisited, AGAIN!

The artist belongs to his work, not the work to the artist.


That pesky trend or perhaps lazy behavior is as always returning from my recent perusal of the newest profiles over on Dragonsmark’s Red Dragon Inn. No one should be surprised by my posting about this as it is well known I am a strong advocate for giving artists credit if you use their work. It irks me to no end to see folks failing to do that. If the image is good enough to use for YOUR…

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Night Goddess

Night Goddess

Close up



It has been a very hectic few months around here so I was struggling with wanting to create but lacking the energy or time I needed. Anyway, I finally managed to pin down my fickle muse and created this image. It was inspired by my big sister who adores anything Egyptian but I added a bit of magic and even science fiction to the mix.

Thanks for looking! Talla

Weather What?

This isn’t one of those “We are doomed” sort of post. This is actually about watching the weather.

So it started with Isaac and Florida. They made a huge deal about the storm which is fine as we do need to watch these things. Yet, there was a feeling of thinly veiled fear selling here. At least to me anyway.

The Weather Channel is a handy thing really. Where we live we sort of need to keep an eye on things as we have some whopper storms that often include…

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The Spell Checker is my Friend.

Lady Bee Design is mine, but the Bee Lady is from – M10tje


Thank goodness for Spell checkers! If I didn’t have them I would likely look like a blithering idiot when writing. It’s not that I am a poor speller, as I was a Spelling Bee kid early on. My problem is my fingers hitting the wrong keys. My brain knows how to spell, but my fingers don’t.

So to combat this issue, I found a handy checker to keep me from looking like that blithering fool I…

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Lost in a Sea of TRENDY

I admit, this is a bitch for sure. I ask myself “WHAT is going on here?” I can’t quite figure it out and it’s got me rather baffled, annoyed and obviously irritated.

So here I am, walking into a local bookstore. I love stores like this as I adore books in general. I love to read. I love the smell of books, the feel, the creative gems they can offer.


In my head are two books I want to see if I can find. Just two.

So into the…

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Just Starting Out!

So, my ever so wonderful sister has provided me with my own space to use for the purpose of displaying my art, or my writings and more. Since I am just starting out this is going to be a rather short little comment but I am sure plenty more will follow. Here I can feel safe expressing my various views on many things. I can blog about gaming or art or how fickle my muse can be some days. I can post about things happening in the world of my…

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