Iris — Goddess of Rainbows

Hi, my name is Gen and this is my site. I am an artist and a writer. I work under the name “Tallameia” and have used that tag for years now. The art I do is mostly in the digital field however I do sometimes work with a more traditional medium such as graphite, colored pencil and inks. For my computer enhanced images I use Poser and Photoshop predominantly and my NEW Wacom Bamboo graphics tablet which was an early birthday present from my best friends.

Regarding my gallery, I grew up hearing the old fables and fairy tales from my Mom. She was born in Germany and shared with my sister and I the many stories she knew. The tales of Hans Christen Anderson and the Brother’s Grim. I heard all of those at bed time and she often would read the classics. Her own love of these beloved stories was passed to us and in doing so she also inspired us to become avid readers and encouraged our imagination to soar.

Mom and Dad both were proud of the images I drew as a child and encourage me with their praise, suggestions and support as my father dabbed in art. For as long as I can recall I have sought to create the images that pop into my head into a decent visual representation. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t but I won’t ever stop trying.

Every time someone comments, adds an image of mine to their favorites or simply views what I do, I get a wonderful warm feeling inside. So to all those that have taken the time to look at what I do, to my loving friends and family that continue to encourage and support I offer a most heartfelt thanks to you all.