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Sympatico Studio and Me

A few weeks ago I was invited to join several other amazing artists doing promotional work for several equally wonderful 3D content providers. I am still figuring it all out presently and it is keeping me busy but also has me enjoying a state of creative energy. I strive to be as good as the other artists involved and I can only say the company I have been lucky enough to join is a delight. They push me towards getting better and for that alone I am so very grateful.…

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Not Giving Credit is Stealing

The Cat Burgler by Will Bullas

This is a warning, because the following post has the possibility of upsetting those that might see themselves displayed here. To be blunt I am not directing this at any specific person, but at the behavior. If you do recognize yourself in what I am about to say, that is not on me but fully on you.

Now, with that disclaimer out of the way I am ready to discuss Art Thieves. I am a role-player. I have been playing for years upon years.…

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