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Text Messages is NOT Storytelling

This is going to be a really short post for me. No long book to read but a simple statement of how I regard the abuse of Text Messages in role play.

Start of Rant!

Quill from Daily

If you are actually role playing in the real world via your phone, that is all well and fine, but for the LOVE of all that is good and lovely in this world, DON’T post it up in the text message format on your story board.

DO NOT assume that you…

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The Spell Checker is my Friend.

Lady Bee Design is mine, but the Bee Lady is from – M10tje


Thank goodness for Spell checkers! If I didn’t have them I would likely look like a blithering idiot when writing. It’s not that I am a poor speller, as I was a Spelling Bee kid early on. My problem is my fingers hitting the wrong keys. My brain knows how to spell, but my fingers don’t.

So to combat this issue, I found a handy checker to keep me from looking like that blithering fool I…

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